dark rooms

a documentation of resignation and fight 

exhibition 2022

room no.I

FINISH / room installation with sound


out of: Poems written by someone before he jumped out of a window on the 8th floor, by Charles Bukowski. Recorded in 2022 for my room installation: DARK CHAMBERS | End Time? (Speaker: Susanne Meyer)

The poem poses the question of the ethics of perseverance. It is described as an apocalyptic scenario describing phantasmagorical nightmares or fever dreams. Written in 1965, it translates perfectly into the present. As an auditory event in the context of the spatial installation, the poem here stands for the climate crisis, war events and related human behaviour. It raises the question of the meaning and scope of action of perseverance, in which the protagonist is driven more and more to the edge of psychological and physical exhaustion, which increasingly intensifies the desire to resign and puts him into the lethargy of the passive observer, who also ignores contact from outside. By definition, perseverance is purposeful, albeit permanently directed towards a possible change of state. The process itself is a struggle with oneself.

room no.II