there is uproar in the streets

Issues, questions, opinions, fears ... the reasons for participating in demonstrations are diverse and absolutely important. Just as diverse as the reasons are the ways of dealing with and behaving at protest events. For example, social staging, which is often and very successfully used as a marketing strategy for one's own cause. Language and non-verbal behaviour serve as means of expression to consolidate the immediate and media image. When marketing one's own point of view, explicit staging strategies are used that aim to gain a certain reputation in one's own social and media environment. For many people, interest groups and organisations, participation in demonstrations is one such tool for gaining social value. I have been dealing with this topic since the drastic experiences of the protest actions at the G20 summit in Hamburg.





... she thinks it's time

    to shout out loud !




there is uproar in the streets I




soon !




now !




welcome to the RIOT !




there is uproar in the streets II




polarities !

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