videos and sounds

This sound is based on clarinet tunes from 3 different clarinets (Pamela Coats) and construction sounds. I composed it for the installation project 'konkret.fließend', by Simone Fezer and Collective.

It took place at Frappant Gallery in Hamburg during September 2019.

konkret.fließend - video loop 1 - Frappant Galerie Hamburg, 2019

can we make it - video loop - Rijswijk/DenHaag, 2019

his dog really pitties me - installation with sound -  Emslandmuseum,  2017

panel of experts - art installation with sound - kunstkreuz Berlin 2006 and others 

konkret.fließend - video loop 2 - Frappant Galerie Hamburg, 2019

how can I learn wit THIS head - artproject Neumünster, 2019 - Film Bader Antaki

the sound of fractures - exhibition at nachtspeicher23 e.V., 2018

 and on and on you go - art installation with sound - exhibition in Hamburg 2016