this is not nice  VIOLENCE

Water is most often associated with concepts such as beauty, reflections of light, relaxation, soothing sounds, deep breathing, refreshment. Water can be gentle. However, the step to violence is only a foot away. Horror, mass, unrestrained roar, ruthless rolling over, taking breath....

Selected for film night 'WATER' at bunker k101, Kunstverein 68elf, Cologne, 2023

Stand firm, withstand the gaze, do not give in ... The video loop silent strength is part of the art project RED  | of disappearance and resistance, 2022, which reports on women, on their visibility and invisibility and on their attempts to resist oppression. I make visible the emotional blurs that arise through isolation, distress or withdrawal but also through the dynamics of resistance.

slideshow loop for the art project RED | of disappearance and resistance, 2022

Art video by Ele Runge (video und percussion) and Pamela Coats (clarinet) based on a composition by Ilse Fromm Michaels, at about 1922. The video was part of the PAV Stip 2021 granted by KULTURWERK SH e.V., Germany. According to the composition the video has three parts: Klage (lament), Schalkslaune (joking mood) and Schwermut (melancholia), which we transferred into different times so as 1920, 1970/80, 2020/21. The times are pointed up with different outfits and cinematic effects aswell as sparingly added percussion.
© Ele Runge/Pamela Coats

This video is a joint project of the concert organist Kerstin Petersen and me, funded by the music fund and the Federal Office for Culture and Media.

The organ work 'bei mir' by composer Alyssa Aska, Graz and played by Kerstin Petersen, Hamburg was created on the basis of a commissioned composition as part of ORGEL AKTUELL. Additional inspiration came from the watercolor painting 'Maria von Magdala' by Mehrdad Zaeri, Mannheim.   It was premiered on the occasion of an organ devotion in the Church of St. Marien in Hamburg-Ottensen on March 21, 2021 If you are interested in the interview as well, you'll find it under:

© Ele Runge/Kerstin Petersen

The Video was part of the GLASS, MEET THE FUTURE Film Festival 2021, commissioned by North Lands Creative in Scotland, filmed at Glass Museum Frauenau, 2021.

Film and sound composition by © Ele Runge,

Concept and performance by © Simone Fezer. 

FRAKTALE - exhibition BOTANIK, 2022

Video © Ele Runge

Music: Soft Landing © Hayduk Trio, 2010

lockdown . almost nowhere to go . only few people to meet. But still there sre lots of possibilities for commenting to each other. For keeping in touch. Nerve cords lead anywhere.

© Ele Runge 2021

drowned!  lost!  forgotten?

water - coldness - pain - grief - misery - incomprehension - rejection - death - drowning - freeze - ice - fear - worry - distance - irresponsibility

Video and sound © Ele Runge, 2021

drowned!  lost!  forgotten?

no home - no place - no food - no school - no light - no warmth - no understanding - no closeness - no help - no trust

Video and sound © Ele Runge 2021

can we still make it? - VideoLoop - exhibition Rijswijk/DenHaag, NL, Video © Ele Runge 2019

I'm really sorry for his dog - Installation with Sound, Emslandmuseum, 2017  

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