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Homeless people have been torn out of their normal lives at some point. The step to do this may be short. Life gets cracks that steadily grow if they cannot be healed. The lives of the homeless are tough and involve constant wandering. Many live in isolation or start fragile special-purpose communities to protect themselves. Hardly anything of what they once knew and loved is left. They live behind a wall or curtain. They start to hide. Women in particular try to cover up their homelessness. In this series, I work on these aspects of covering up, hiding, semi-transparency and a perspective that is out of balance.

blue screen - system error - homeless seniors

Slideshow for the exhibition [WINDOWS] TRANSFORMATION / REFLEXION at the Gallery of GEDOK Hamburg as one of the Satellite Shows of

the 7. Triennial of Photographie 2018 in Hamburg - BREAKING POINT - searching for change (here 3 of 10 photos)

At [WINDOWS] there is a so-called Blue Screen, a completely blue computer screen that displays an error message for a system error, which makes intervention necessary. I developed a slideshow based on this topic. Through the same window and a strong blue filter different homeless people are to be seen. The elderly people in this case, because homelessness among the elderly is expanding and becoming increasingly explosive. I want to make these people visible and show that a breaking point has been reached and a rethink is required.

pros - cons

series, 8p, 20 x 20 cm, 2018

metal blog

marching ups

long time not seen

photo Installation, 2017