Homeless People sitting on the streets having all their possessions close to them. They sit there and beg. The pedestrians mostly pass without stopping. They feel embarrassed, maybe even scared. From their place the homeless mainly see legs passing ... many of them ... fast, slowly, standing arround and waiting. My photo.installation is a combination of an upper section of photos showing the homeless on the street and another section of the same length below with much smaller photos showing the legs of passersby. The whole photo.installation is currently up to 7 m long. The 3rd part of the entire installation is a monitor with a slide show of twenty 'what if ...' sentences.
















Detail of the room view of the installation with a total length of 7m.


Main photos above, fine art prints, each 12.5 x 23.5 cm, 30 pieces

Smaller photos underneath each 6 x 11 cm, 65 pieces


In front of it the monitor with the slide show with twenty 'what if ...' sentences.