Emerging from the silence

emerging from the silence - emerging from silence, making oneself heard, was the theme of the exhibition at Gallery Morgenland 2021 in Hamburg. The black and white photographs show people in different life situations. Inner and outer conditions cause these people to demand attention. In combination with this, two RUGS were created, narrow lightweight tapestries that relate directly to the two photo series (page CARPETS & RUGS). 



Normally, she is quiet, calm, at peace with herself. She has no fear. But things change. A multitude of questions and urgent issues increasingly upset her, change her point of view, cause rebellion. 

she is not afraid

she thinks it's time to shout out loud

there ist uproar in the streets I

there is uproar in the streets II

 RIOTS - sound belonging to the riot photos

© Ele Runge


Young people travelling alone are what they are called. And one often hears comments in which a lot of mistrust is shown towards these young people. What do they want here', some say. 'They're almost all young men who want to come to our country,' say others. 'That can't be good' - these voices agree. 


But it is not the girls who are sent on this journey alone by their families, or who set off on their own, but the boys. Whatever the concrete background for this may be, they will mainly be guided by the desire to improve their own living situation or that of their families.


But what does it mean for these boys to undertake such a dangerous journey alone? Separation, danger, injury, homesickness, fear, insecurity, lostness ... in any case trauma. They make it across the waters and end up in the floods of imponderables, incomprehension, defensiveness and insecurity. A careful look into the eyes provides information about this.

they know a friend might leave

he hopes nightmares will fade

traces of memories I - V

drowned Part II - video/sound belonging to this section

© Ele Runge


A summer day in 2020. Corona is a constant topic, people are isolated, feel insecure. But on this warm, sunny afternoon, a small group of people has gathered in the park and they are dancing. Together. Without a mask. Lively, forgetting everyday life for a moment.

dancing in the park I - III

 my baby just cares for me - a song that gets the dancers moving

© The Jazz Reporters/2013