The core theme of my work is inner and outer living conditions and their effects on people, their surroundings, their environment. It is primarily about forced changes of position that destroy or alter existing structures, create new contexts and generate new rhythms and patterns. On this thematic basis, she works with photography, video and sounds. In my photographic works and sound compositions, I like to use repetitive structures and serial arrangements that repeat themselves cyclically and in their combination form a rhythmic continuum. Consequently, also my videos are often designed as loops that are integrated into photo or spatial installations and support them thematically. In addition, there are experimental and documentary videos and photo series, often in connection with artistic performance.

RED | of disappearance 

and resistance

A project with many stories ...

This side ist under construction


Homelessness means walking, hiding, veiling, being out of balance.



A photo series ...

there is uproar in the streets

Yes !

and all of a sudden

14 day of quarantine ...

who stops for the homeless

... a Photo.Installation in three parts

My Photo Works in the DEICHTORHALLEN in Hamburg - is that possible or is it a classic case of MANIPULATION?

carpets | Tepestries

what if the air becomes thinner ?

The screaming ones, the whining ones, the complaining ones. A Photo.Installation

Blue screen - Systemfehler

Slide show for 7th Triennial of Photographie in Hamburg 2018