My carpets show groups of human beings in different living conditions. People knotted and interwoven to each other in their diverse situations. New patterns arise by interweaving individual elements, some of them in lots of small, very artificial parts, others bigger, more clear. Some patterns look like carpets woven from silk, others more rough like being  made from wool, just like we know it from real carpets.

Every day we are flooded with a huge mass of pictures. They are either poured over us through media coverage, or we see oppressive scenes in our living spaces. We only can perceive a very little bit of all these pictures, and all we feel are short emotions like fear, anger, shock or sadness ... For the construction of the carpets I take a single photo from this flood of pictures. I transform it by breaking it into pieces and then reconstructing it. The result is a virtual carpet. I call this process photo.fragmentation. I build the carpets by computer, which includes a lot of drawing.

Here you will find a selection of my carpets, each in a complete version plus two detailed views.


The 'rugs' (small carpets, runners) are a series of colorful variations of the large 'carpets' in a smaller format.